Environmental responsability

Metallurgy uses immense energy and hazardous substances to transform raw materials into the precise blend of alloys required by our clients. In turn, these Alloys can be used in making useful, affordable and long-lasting products, including vehicles and buildings, for a sustainable way of life.

Today, Aperam is continuing its journey to sustainability with milestones on energy, CO2 , air and water - to name just a few. The ultimate goal is to ensure that our production processes impact the less possible the environment or our neighbours.

We are proud to be providing the world’s “greenest stainless steel”.

CO2 & Energy

As a sector with a high level of energy consumption, steel companies like Aperam must take specific steps to reduce its carbon footprint and achieve energy savings.

Dust & Air Emissions

Aperam aims to achieve a 12% reduction in the intensity of ducted dust over 2015 levels.

Waste & Recycling

From recovering the metallic content of our melting shop dust to our commitment to becoming a zero-waste company, it’s no stretch to say that Aperam is a recycling champion.


Aperam has defined a -5% reduction target in terms of water consumption over 2015.

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