Dedicated to the transformation and distribution of stainless flat products, we serve Spain, Portugal and North Africa from our Service Centre located near Barcelona. Equipped with high performance machinery such as slitters, cut-to-lenghts and polishing lines, we deliver tailored stainless steel solutions in sheets and coils. Thanks to our range of products, our customers come from many different sectors including catering equipment, large and small appliances, processing industry, automotion, building and construction.

With proven experience in stainless steel, we constantly challenge ourselves to provide the best products and the best service of the market.



Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions Iberica SL
Carrer del Torrent Fondo,7 
Poligono Industrial Can Calderon,
08840 Viladecans (Barcelona)
T: +34 934 25 97 00
E: iberica.service@aperam.com


Automotive, Consumer Goods 

Fran Cobo
Sales Manager
Fran Cobo (80)
Capital Goods
Jordi Bassó
Sales Manager
Jordi Basso (80)

Miguel-Angel Garrido
Regional Manager
Miguel-Angel Garrido (80)

Tomas Larriba 
Regional Manager

Tomas Larriba (80)


Ignacio Campo
Regional Manager
Ignacio Campo (80)

Maria-José Soto
Regional Manager
Maria-josè Soto (80)

Pepi Palomo
Regional Manager
Pepi Palomo (80)

Antonio Torres
Regional Manager

Antonio Torres

Sébastien Ridao
Regional Manager
Sebastien Ridao (80)
Grade designations
Chemical Compositions
Mechanical properties
Aperam 304 (18-9E)304S304001.43010.0500.401.1018.20 8.05 63031054
Aperam 304ED (18-9DDQ)304S304001.43010.0450.401.1018.20 9.10 61027057
Aperam 304L (18-9L)304LS304031.43070.0250.401.4018.20 8.05 63031054
Aperam 316L (18-11ML)316LS316031.44040.0250.401.2018.202.1010.10 61030052
Aperam 321 (18-10T)321S321001.45410.0250.401.1017.15 9.10Ti=0.3062029052
K30430S430001.40160.0400.350.3016.50   50033027
K30ED430S430001.40160.0150.350.3016.50   46030031
K36436S436001.45260.0200.400.2517.501.25 Nb=0.4551035030
K41441 (1)S43932/S439401.45090.0150.600.3017.80  Ti+Nb=0.6549032030
K44444S444001.45210.0150.500.3017.701.85 Ti+Nb=0.4553037028
MA4  1.40340.4600.400.3013.80   67039021

(1) Common designation

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Strip - Coil

Thickness in mmMin Width in mmMax Width in mm
0.4 - 2.0101500
0.4 - 4.01001500

Sheets - Plates

FinishThickness (mm)Min Width (mm)Max Width (mm)Min Length (mm)Max Length (mm)
2B/2R0.4 - 2.01007502503000
2B/2R/HRAP0.4 - 4.0500200050012000
2B/HRAP/Tearplate4.0 - 8.0500200050012000
HRAP8 - 10500200050012000

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Surface aspects
HRHRAPHot-rolled, annealed and pickledN°11D
DIN embossedHot-rolled with embossed DIN tear-plate pattern, annealed and pickled 1M
CR annealedHRCCold-rolled, rough, matt 2E
2DCold-rolled, annealed and pickled, not skinpassed2D2D
2BCold-rolled, annealed, pickled and skinpassed2B2B
2RCold-rolled, bright annealed and skinpassedBA2R
N°3 / P80DN°3 polished / Dry polished with 80-grit abrasive belts N°32G
N°4 / P120D-P150DN°4 polished / Dry polished with 120/150 grit abrasive belts N°42G
N°5 / P180D-P220DN°5 polished / Dry polished with 180/220 grit abrasive belts  2G
N°6 / P240DN°6 polished / Dry polished with 240-grit abrasive belts  2G
N°7 / P320DN°7 polished / Dry polished with 320-grit abrasive belts  2G
P400DDry polished with 400-grit abrasive belts 2G
Duplo P220Dry polished with 220-grit abrasive belts + brushed with wire rolls 2G
Duplo P320Dry polished with 320-grit abrasive belts + brushed with wire rolls 2G
Scotch BriteLightly brushed with wire rolls 2J
CR work hardenedUginox LeatherEtched textured finish obtained by cold rolling with special rolls 2M
CR annealedUginox LinenEtched linen finish obtained by cold rolling with special rolls, followed by a final anneal 2M

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ISO 9001 SP

Certificate ISO 9001: 2015

  • Issued by Bureau Veritas
  • Date of grant: 14 September 2018 
  • Expiration date: 13 September 2021 
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OHSAS 18001 SP

Certificate OHSAS 18001: 2007

  • Issued by Bureau Veritas
  • Date of grant: 29 November 2018
  • Expiration date: 11 March 2021
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