Kathryn A. Matthews

Ms. Kathryn A. Matthews has over thirty years of experience in the financial sector, with a focus on asset management, and has held senior management roles with Fidelity International Ltd, AXA Investment Managers, Santander Global Advisors Inc. and Baring Asset Management. Currently, Ms Matthews is a non-executive director of publicly listed Rathbone Brothers Plc and JPMorgan Chinese Investment Trust Plc. She is also a non-executive director of publicly listed BT Investment Management.

Ms. Matthews is a non-executive director of non publicly listed Barclays Bank UK PLC, and of non publicly listed J O Hambro Capital Management Holdings Limited. Ms. Matthews is a member of the charitable non listed Board of Trustees for The Nuffield Trust and a member of the Council for the Duchy of Lancaster. Ms. Matthews holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Bristol University in Bristol, England and is a citizen of the United Kingdom.

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